About us

Given the need for a service that is responsible for facilitating the rhythm of day to day, we have created for you Jávea Domicilio , where you We offer our services of preparation and delivery of your purchase.

With "Jávea Domicilio" you will save having to go to the supermarket, go through all the shelves collecting the products, make the eventual long queues to pay, and finally load the car to go home.

With Jávea Domicilio you don't have to worry about any of that, you can make the purchase as big as you want.

For example:
You can buy the liters of water you want and not have to carry the unbearable weight, because in "Jávea Domicilio" things are neither bulky nor heavy.
Buying with "Jávea Domicilio" our team takes care of picking up your order, selecting the products and preparing your package that arrives at your home without having to do anything that is cumbersome process of going to the purchase.

You can also decide when you want to receive your order and just wait for a call to let you know that your purchase is out.
Buying with "Jávea Domicilio" they also favor local commerce because in Jávea Domicilio we buy in Jávea for people from Jávea.
Our goal is to become the facilitator of the essential tasks of the day.